Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Beginning of Fall Means the End of FlipFlops!

It has been a while since I ranted against flip flops. As a matter of fact, I can't remember if I ever have on this blog. To those who do not know, Flip flops, ( or shower shoes) are my pet peeve when it comes to fashion. I know that people choose their clothes to say something about themselves, But flip flops represent the absolute LACK of caring. What they tell me is," I jumped out of bed and was forced to put SOMETHING on my feet or else they would not let me into the convenience store!" Lets Break it down: Foot Protection, The flip flop offers NONE! Ever walk on a gravel road in flip flops? Or dusty, muddy, puddly? If you want dirty feet, then you will enjoy the flip flop. Second: Style. NO ONE wants to see your big hairy toes! I have cute feet and I do not want to show the public. I swear that most of the men around here are related to BIG FOOT or a HOBBIT! As mentioned before, Dirty feet are not very classy. And unless you get a pedicure, you're yellow toenails are not going to be attractive. Some people wear white socks with flip flops. WHY? IF you are going to be a sloth, don't try to half do it. It's like wearing shorts with a suit! Third, Comfort. Flip flops are NOT comfortable! Sorry people, but you have to be Honest with yourself. My shoes do not require me to hold on to them with my toes or else they will slip off. I can run in my shoes. Ever see someone run with flip flops? It's like watching someone with swimming flippers! There is a reason why ducks don't run, and people do not have wings. I can only imagine that the shoe makers at Nike are scratching their heads wondering where they went wrong. They spend millions of dollars in research and athlete adds to get people to buy their most advanced shoes, Only to find out that if they had taken 10 cents of foam and cut it to shape with a leather strap, that they could have saved themselves billions! I know, The major foot manufacturers are not getting on board and offering "designer" flip flops! Designer is the way they get already ( think of a nice word here) people to spend MORE on a CHEAP shoe. How can you make a flip flop DESIGNER? Fancy foam? Genuine leather straps? ( notice the RACING STRIPE! AND NAME) Anyway, I guess my rant is complete. I wasn't even going to blog today, but these Iowa people motivate me from time to time. Next to flip flops is the leg cast, arm cast, and Full Body Tattoo....but those topics will have to wait for a later date.

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