Saturday, September 10, 2011

Cards, Moths, and Horse Chestnuts.

I forgot to mention this in the past blogs, ( probably because it just slipped my mind,) But Cheryl and I found the remains of a Luna Moth! It is the first one we have ever seen in the wild. Unfortunately, the lawnmower at ACT cut it up pretty good. Either way, Cheryl suggested we take ( what was left of it) home so we could at least say we saw one. It is still on our wall. This picture is much nicer, as ours is missing it's long elegant tails. Anyway, inter resting find on our walks around the neighborhood is the Horse Chestnut. It is a pretty cool nut, with this bumpy husk and three buckeyes inside. I was very excited thinking that they might be American Chestnuts, But alas, They are toxic ( slightly) and will make you sick if you eat them. ( Even horses!) Only deer are able to break them down properly. I'm not even sure if the squirrels will eat them. They are used for medicines though, so apparently the pharmaceutical companies are able to get rid of the bad and keep the good. Other than that, we have been working on tags. I may have to rethink my tag design because the glitter does not like staying on the card very well. I do think it look cool though, and Cheryl says that I will have many more designs that I can experiment with. I still have not abandoned this design, I just have to rethink the "A" either with embossing or just red ink. The red ink would be the fastest design for assembly. Cheryl's snowflake tags are all done for the moment. She likes them as well and we have many more of those felt snowflakes to use up. She likes the color combinations. And they DO match the stockings well. Let's see what we come up with next!

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