Friday, September 9, 2011

Stamping tags for Stockings.

I know, what was all that stamping for in the previous posts? Well, you see, those where 'thank you's' that go with each order. However, Each stocking that we sell has to get a tag. In the past, I just printed out a bunch and punched them out. Not very much thought went into them. However, this year Cheryl wants to jazz things up a bit. We have over 100 stockings going to a Gallery and we felt there should be a tag that matches the elegance of the shop. So Cheryl and I sat down yesterday and tried to come up with some concepts. I won't post all the "ugly" ones we messed with, But we eventually settled on two designs that are what we have in mind. The first one is Cheryl's design: Simple, Cute, Color Matching, with a felt Snowflake on the back that matches the ones on some of the stockings. I set up a stamp and punched out a few. Cheryl is in charge of the cutting out part, so we each have our roles. And then there is mine. It's true, it might be a little over the top, but Cheryl ultimately likes it and is going to allow me to make a few. My plan is to make as many as we can, Hopefully over 2000! So it will be our biggest year in sales ever! Wish us luck!

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