Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Say Goodbye to the Big Maple!

You know you are in Iowa when you consider it an "event" when they take a large tree down in your yard. ( That is a fancy way of saying that there is usually nothing going on here!) It is still fascinating whenever a crew of five guys tackle a job like this with all those cool toys! It took them all day yesterday to bring that monster down, with only a little damage to a fence and the roof of the building. Impressive when you consider the placement of the tree. And it's size! Now I know you are looking at that HUGE trunk and thinking," What is the Midnightcarver going to carve out of that?" Sadly, I waved goodbye as they carted it off. I realized that I was not really in that position anymore where I could just dust off the tools and start working on any stray log that drops in my area. Not that I have given up carving, just put it on hold for the moment. Besides I have been busy with Christmas Stockings as of late, and they have proven to be more profitable than the carvings ever where. SO who knows? I may dust off the chisels some day in the future when I have nothing going on and an opportunity presents itself. Don't think of the Midnightcarver as retired, just taking a leave of absents for the moment.

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