Monday, September 26, 2011

Origami Faces....An experiment.

So I finally messed around with one of my old books and decided to try these various action origami patterns. One is the gremlin, His mouth opens and his eye squint if you pull and push the mask in various places. Next is the Glancer. This small mask is not very good, but I made another larger one out of tyvek that looks much better....and works better as well. The last ( actually it was the first one) is the squinty eyes. I like it because I was playing around with the expressions. Cheryl laughs when I make a happy, sad, worried or angry expression with just the eyes. By the way, The stockings are beginning to sell, so head on over to the shop on the right to see what we have before it is too late and they are all gone! Just kidding, We will make more. But only before the Holidays!


Malea said...

Please share the name of the book! My son's pen pal is really into origami and sends my son a new origami creation in every letter. I'm sure they both would love this! Thanks!

The Great Ethan Allen said...

NP Malea, The Book where the masks are from is " Origami to amaze and amuse" It's got a lot of "action" origami that I ususally don't play with. But it is fun to mess with when you are bored. There is an origami book that shows you really cool ways to fold envelopes as well. Although it is not on my mind at the moment. I'll post a blog posting aboput my library later. Hope this helps


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