Friday, September 23, 2011

The Totally Awesome Mole Cricket....In Iowa!

I have read about them but never sen one personally until yesterday...A Mole Cricket! Perhaps the COOLEST Looking Cricket I have aver seen. It wold be difficult to compare it to other bugs, because they All have their coolness factor, but it definitely ranks up there. We saw him lumbering around on the road on our walk. They do not jump or run like regular crickets, Rather they just lumber along like a tractor pulling a trailer full of grain. The coolest thing was when he tried to dig a hole. He looked just like a mole pushing the little rocks out of the way. At first I thought he would be a little creepy, but he has a rather cute face. ( it's funny, I as a rule, do not like spiders, but the jumping spider is not as creepy to me because of his cute face. go figure.) Anyway, if you ever see one of these things, snap a picture and take a good look. They have really cool front legs that help them dig. Mother nature at work! And count yourself lucky for seeing another dimension to the world in your backyard.

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