Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Coffee Ritualist....Me?

As I assembled my coffee at Panera at the coffee assembly station, I realized that the woman next to me was doing the same thing she did yesterday. She toasts a small slice of bread and pokes at it with a coffee stirring stick to keep it from getting too brown on one side. Strange....Or so I thought. She looked rather silly poking the toaster with a straw that could melt on her toast. But then I thought, It's a ritual she does everyday ( at least if she is as regular as we are here) where she carefully balances here skill with a straw to make the toaster get her toast to a perfect shade of Brown. Anyway...Am I any different? I never have coffee straight black. Seriously! Who does that? Coffee it meant to be enjoyed, not guzzled! It's like pounding down a beer just to get drunk! My ritual is to first add Ice then add cream. I add the coffee up to the top, then add sweetener. Depending on the size of my cup, I may add up to 6 packets! But usually I add three. I grab all three, shake them back and forth to get all the crystals to one side, Rip off the top then add them to the creamy brown beverage. I do this over and over again. I know it may take longer than most people, but I try to make room for them so I am not in their way. So that is it....any other ritual people out there? It is the small things that bring the most joy in life.

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L. D. Burgus said...

I love it.. We like just being there. And coffee makes
it special.


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