Monday, December 8, 2014

42 Stocking Monday.

heading_late_night A quick post as it is currently 12:14 in the AM and I’m still wired, but have to wind down before it gets even more late. 

So first:   We finally finished 42 stockings… the title of this post suggests.   Mondays are always rather frantic.  Maybe it is because people have had the entire weekend to settle in and Sunday they log on and surf for Christmas stuff they could not find at the mall.   Who knows?   What I DO know is when I looked at this very blog a year ago, Past Ethan and Cheryl were having the same problems we are currently having.  We may be down in sales slightly from last year, but the numbers and the troubles were about the same as this year.  And who knows!   There is still time left this year to pull off a miracle and perhaps catch up to last years number.   We shall see.    Then again, That would mean even more days like today…..Hmmmm..Sewing_disasters_

  The night was going smoothly,  we had our errands in Iowa City   ( probably should have stayed home today though) When we got back,  The Sewing machine I was geeking about a few days ago….decided to get back to being fussy.   Luckily I finished the day using the back up sewing machine….but not before Cheryl's “Hello Kitty” machine decided to suddenly stop before the last 8 stockings had their tops on!   What to do!imagine this INSIDE the Machine!

Well.  After slugging through the last few stockings and finishing up the order….and having way too much afternoon coffee.  I decided it was time for “Handy Man Allen” to work his magic!   I decided to work on Cheryl's machine first.  easy enough….She has thread wrapped around the tension arm that causes the machine to sieze up.   A couple of cotter pins and and a quick brush and the machine should be good as new! 

I'm not sure what went wrong...

About an hour later….I finally have the cotter pins off…and the entire machine sprawled all over my area.  But the string is clear and the machine moves like normal.  I reassemble and wipe everything down.  only to plug it in and have it NOT WORK!   No Lights, No humm……nothing.    Cheryl was not very impressed. 

I take it apart,  look things over….decide nothing is broken and plug it back in….It WORKS!   no Idea why it was messing with me. 

_201tension-assembly_edited-1 Time to fix mine.   Take it apart. ( I’m a champ by now) And find that the tension disk has slid off a small guide arm….causing it to pinch and release the thread at inappropriate moments.   ( namely…when putting on buttons)   Hopefully I finally have that one fixed and we can run the special button machine once more. 

And finally.   Godzilla was a DUD!   Maybe if I was 8 years old again….Bad Movie but as an adult I guess I’m thinking that the story could have been done much better.  in the end….monsters destroy everything…Godzilla fights them and…after winning,  retires to the pacific once more.  I’m not sure…but I think there were actors in that movie.  I guess I’m nostalgic for guys in rubber suits having a wrestle mania in a miniature model city…

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