Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Saved by the Felt!

 Cheryl inspects the Box Felt finally arrived today…but not before we had to discontinue several colors.   Cheryl put in the order on time…but the guy at the felt place did not get the order.   I imagine it is busy there as well, so a minor lapse is understandable.  Cheryl had the "Starving Philosopher Donuts" look Luckily, Cheryl called to check up on it on Friday…and place another order.   As a result…they all came today in one large box.   We still are down a couple of colors, but I think we will survive for now at least.   At least Cheryl was happy for a brief moment….

Today was a little easier with only about 20 stockings to make.Cheryl happy...for the moment anyway.   It was a LOT easier than yesterday.  However,  perception is everything and even thought we are finished…it is still 8 pm and Cheryl is grumpy  because she wanted to get more free time on such and “easy” day.   10 bolts in all!Making the stockings as the orders come in is Always difficult and time consuming.   With more dogs and cats in this batch….Cheryl was forced to cut out many of them and her Valentine-Glow-in-the-Dark-Dog-Scarf-5 machine’s light bulb burned out so she was forced to switch to her new machine.    Then that Machine kept “binding up” at various points in the sewing process.   That made her even more grumpy!  It would not be as much “"fun” if everything went according to plan with no problems.

Malty and Spicy at the same time.. So now it is Beer Time!   A special Holiday Christmas Beer is on the agenda.   The Christmas beer tends to taste a little like the Ommegang beer with a spicy, malty flavor.   Cheryl is not impressed….not that it was bad!  just not what was expected.  Then again…Beer tends to make most things slightly better….Unless you are an alcoholic.   Then I guess beer doesn’t help much. The

So there it is!     Hopefully I will be able to replace the light bulb in her Machine tomorrow and we can switch back to her Regular machine.  I’m not sure what is going on with the Red Hello Kitty machine….but it tends to bind up when doing stocking tops.  I’m sure it just needs to be broken in….( with out Actually Breaking it) hello-kitty-sewing-machine old faithful! The turquoise Hello Kitty machine is her favorite and simplest to figure out.  It still runs fine….just in the dark. 

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