Sunday, December 21, 2014

It’s A Wrap!

its a wrap sign And that is all she wrote!   Packing up the last stockingThe Stocking season officially comes to a close tonight as   Cheryl has turned off the Etsy shop and will refuse to take anymore orders.   If that sounds a little….mmm hostile…..Then blame the exhaustion and the fact that we had to remake a custom order of three cats and are planning on overnight ship them to the person who is getting “nervous” because her items have not arrived yet.   This happens every year….It should be expected.   But for some reason,   this year has played out slightly different and Cheryl is ready to be done with it.

Working long hours…and then working for diminished returns…and then ultimately working for FREE….tends to zap your energy.Printing the last label 

That being said…and my limited means of vented frustration….This was probably a typical year.  putting it all together in a blue envelope We will,   after a brief rest and recovery segment, evaluate the final numbers and what, if any, changes need to be made.   Usually we are “happy” at this time and can sit back and look at our bank account as the testement to our hard work.  This year….well it is not that simple. 


Perhaps it was all those custom dogs and cats.   Dogs and Cats....a No No! We were not planning on doing custom ANYTHING!   But somehow the word got out that we would do anything anyone wanted and have it all done before Christmas.   We are not sure how that happened, but we will need to fix ( or HIGHLY DISCOURAGE)No New Ideas! that in the future.

In the mean time, Meanwhile-In-Michigan   We are planning a trip to Michigan for family reason.   Hopefully the weather will cooperate this time and not mess with my last remaining nerve.WorldAccordingToMichigan   Michigan loves to remind me that I’m no longer welcome there.   The feeling is mutual…but there are third parties that do not understand…and, try as I must,  I am unable to explain the relationship between myself and a place where I have previously lived for may years. 

20-Tips-To-Survive-The-Holiday-Season Actually the weather is similar to most places I have lived.   Sometimes random,  Sometimes colder than cold, hotter than hot.   But that Lake Effect snow is irritating at best.   It always manages to do the opposite of what you would like.

So that is it….Stockings done,   Christmas on the Horizon,  Michigan snow storm is inevitable.  Surviving the holidays has never been so exciting!

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L. D. said...

My wife and I ran a framing shop in our house and the same thing kept happening. It got to be that we would lose money or break even on some of our jobs. I did a large frame job of dozens of quilt pieces and the lady basically go the most of it with our free labor. You do have wonderful products and I am glad you can just shut it down when you want to.


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