Monday, December 15, 2014

Big Finish?

DSC_7969 An entire weekend of steady sales and things are now beginning to slow down…a bit.   We still managed to do over 20 tonight….and each time we continue to get slower instead of faster.   Perhaps it is the holiday fatigue that is finally catching up with us.   With only about a week left before the end, I’m still half hoping we can ramp up the sales and pull off a miracle to catch the previous year..but the other half is ready to be done and take a full week off from everything.  I guess I should simply pick myself up and rally forth….but for now,  I’m happy  to have the rest of the night off to catch up on some much needed zzzz’s DSC_7968

I’m not sure, but I think we sold 25 yesterday, and perhaps slightly more than that on Saturday.   I can’t even remember my last blog post!  Just a quick shout out to future Ethan and Cheryl.    Hopefully you made the Dog breeds work this time!  

In the mean time,  I was planning on folding up some ideas for Ohio Financial.   They finally sent me a picture of the koi as they have them displayed.  They are awesome.  However,  Cheryl has urged me to hold off on showing them on the blog.  I’m not sure who else reads this blog …Other than Future Cheryl and Ethan….Oh  and perhaps Barb and Dave from ACT.  Still,   I would hate to spoil the surprise when the magazine comes out for the investors.  I’ll just have to be a tease until then.  

257d2289630b455c91a076df96497c55 Other than that, it is raining here in Iowa and the temp has been a pleasant 54 degrees and overcast with a slight mist.  Cheryl continues to break her previous records for the 5K .   The warmer weather helps a bit when there is no wind. 

I’m actually looking forward to the thunderstorms they are predicting tonight.  I love falling asleep to thunder.   I guess I’m odd in that I find loud noises calming. 

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The Great Ethan Allen said...

Hey Past Ethan,

We are still doing the dogs and cats in 2015...and "Loving" every minute of it....( not really) It appears that dog and cats are all anyone seems to want this year. You should have told us to up the price to discourage the custom sales. Or at least make more money for the effort. I'll have to try to convince future 2016 Ethan to make a custom dog listing for the 2016 stocking season.

Anyway, Thanks for the tip. Hopefully we will read these blog postings earlier next time, before we are in the middle of the stocking rush....Oh! And never lose money!

Ethan A Allen 2015 version.


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