Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Tuesday After Cyber-Monday.

DSC_7836  Today was a little more challenging…we sold 44 stockings sometime after 7pm last night until this morning.   Even though we finished fairly early…I’m rather exhausted!   Perhaps because I refuse to submit DSC_7839to becoming  an overachiever,  I decided  I would take the night off from origami.   I simply do not have the mojo to tackle something that requires that much attention at this time.   Cheryl agrees as she is taking the rest of the night off and will answer questions tomorrow..perhaps. 

Random-witty-humorous-pics-part5-4At least I have a little energy to write these little posts.   It helps knowing Barb from ACT reads them occasionally.  ( I think David might as well….Hi ya Dave!) 

Funny,  I’m actually at a loss for words…and apparently..every other word is misspelled.   Luckily  Windows Live tells me when I mess up and Hopefully I will not be to tired to miss them.   So…after 10 minutes of trying to type something coherent…I guess I should just make this post short and call it a night.  Hope everyone else is having a great Holiday Season.  And perhaps I will be able to come up with something witty tomorrow. 

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