Thursday, December 18, 2014

Early Christmas From Omaha!

Omaha-Steaks That is correct!  We were greeted today with a where-to-buy-dry-ice-nycStyrofoam container holding the world famous Omaha Steaks!   We are VERY excited!   DSC_7988Not entirely about the meat… BUT the DRY ICE!  

Whenever I’m in the presents of Dry Ice,  I revert back to my child hood and just have to play with it.  I mean,  from purely an thBVSDAI52 academic  perception,  The chemical properties that allow we humans to create such a substance is AWESOME!. 

DSC_7984 So, other than chilling the steaks,  what purpose could dry ice serve to entertain?   Why,  You put it in water and create fog in your sink!   DUH! 

Am I that simple that I can be amused so easily?   Well, DUH!   DSC_7986

DSC_7985I’m not the only one either,   Cheryl was quite amazed.  It’s not everyday that she can be impressed with anything I do.   I could not believe  she had a childhood where she was not yelled at by the pastor for throwing large DSC_7993 chunks of Dry Ice in the creek behind the church during the church picnic.  I seriously thought EVERY child had done that at least several times in their life.  Perhaps it was an experience that was unique to us Lutherans.

DSC_7989 Anyway,  We received the steaks from Cheryl's brother.   I guess that means we will have to do better than Baby Swiss next year.  Actually the Baby Swiss is very good!  rc_bg017 So much so that we had to order more for ourselves!   And now with the steaks, ( and hotdogs and burgers) I can’t wait to have some great Swiss and meat combinations.   MMMmmmm Goood!

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