Saturday, December 20, 2014

An Evening On Davenport’s River Bike Trail

Davenport Bike Trail So Cheryl and I decided we needed a serious break from the stockings.  And that would require us to totally leave home and not even be tempted to look at the computer.   At this time of the year,  everyone is wondering where their stockings are, and all we can do is tell them to check their tracking number.  We don’t want to be rude, but there is not much we can do for them at this point.   It is all on the US Postal Service. The Only trafic to watch other bikes.

So we decided to take a ride out to Davenport and try the bike/hiking /walking trail they have along the Mississippi river. 

One lone eagleIt was fun!  No cars,   very few people,  calm to no breeze, cool temps, and totally paved!   No dust, pigs, trucks, flock of seagullsor crazy school busses to annoy or kill us. 

We even managed to see an eagle up close and lots and lots of seagulls! 



Later we ate at Jimmies pancakes.  A cool little diner that is open for breakfast and lunch. pancakes and more   We managed to squeak in 455 minutes before closing time ( 3 PM) cute and cozy diner experience!


In all, It was fun and Cheryl even mentioned we should do it again.  She ran only 5 miles of it.  Impressive actually,  as her times were still under 10 minutes each mile,  and she has yet to ever run that far without stopping! 

Hope everyone is having a great Weekend.   There are only a few more orders to fulfill for tomorrow.  Most people know they will not get their stocking by Christmas at this point….so that takes the pressure off a little.  

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