Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Stocking Slow Down.

simple models Simple Elephant        Finally,  I think things are slowing down on this side.   Yesterday we still were in the 20’s for stockings.   I was actually a little happy for the continued sales.  However,  today we only sold 12, several of which were already made so we ended up getting them all done before noon.   That was rather nice, having the afternoon open to visit Iowa City and run the FULL 4 mile loop. small bird, loon, penguin  Leaves and fishCheryl put in the longest run yet…even in this cold! 

In the brief time between stockings and sleep.   I have been folding a few simple origami for Ohio to judge.The far  tux's are IN We shall see what they think about them and how the next installment will turn out.   As for tonight,  I believe I’m going to take it easy for the rest of the night as I suddenly am very tired…..Even though I have been drinking coffee and pop all day.  I guess caffeine can affect you in the opposite way sometimes….Anyone want a book?Ah well.  

Butterflies are alwasy popular

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