Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Quest for Larger Stockings.

Cheryl wrestling with the behemothWhy not?   We seem to be doing every other whim this year.  Why not do larger stockings because our traditional size is too small….Only the largest snowflakes

The problem arises whenever you mess with the way things have been carefully created so as to give balance to the stockings, the item on the stockings, and the buttons that are used for  eyes, nose, etc.   We decided to give it a go and change ONLY the stocking and keep the animals the same size as the smaller one.  Then the snowflake buttons are selected by being the top three sizes.

jenga I personally dislike it when people have to mess with a Jenga Tower of perfection.  Once you start pulling at the sides,  things can go south pretty quickly.

And then there is the Price….It is true that for every large stocking we make,  Cheryl seems happy with itwe are not able to make two of the smaller ones because of the way the felt bolt is set up. Besides that,  the snowflake buttons and embroidery all take more time.   However,  we may have found a way to balance things out temporarily. 

Behold!   The new larger 20” stocking.  

At the end of the day, I can be won over with Price.   If someone is willing to pay more for the effort and resources…then I’m happy to oblige.

So bottom line, slightly larger than the traditioal size I think they turned out “ok”.   They are still a nit more of an effort to work with that much material bunched up under my machine…but I managed somehow.  Cheryl seems pretty happy for the moment and is thinking about adding them in next year…since everything is going to be “made to order” anyway.   We shall see because we had this same discussion last year.   We Always haveThe embroidery has to be larger as well. these discussions and whether they ever become reality is left to the customer anyway….20 stockings...4 LARGE ones

So 20 stockings today.  We were pretty much finished by 5:30 tonight.  A pleasant surprise for the moment as there are a number of other things we simply have not had time for that need to be done. namely…Ordering more black buttons!  we are running out of the eyes for the animals

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