Monday, December 22, 2014

Ebola! The Perfect Gift for the Holidays?

 zp_centers_for_disease_control_ll_120613_wg That may be correct!   To the Right Person, or coarse.   And that “Right Person”  happens to be our sister-in-law.   Now wait!   I know what you are thinking…( or Probably are thinking) “What kind of person wants Ebola ( the virus) for Christmas?” 

Let me explain:   You see,   our sister-in-law happens to be in the health care business.   thQ63S2NN5 And she is a little weird.  But in a good way, I assure you.   Personally, I think EVERY one who is a health care professional is a little weird as a starting out point!   Seriously!   Who wants to see and treat a bunch of Hypochondriacs on a daily basis?   Well,   to each their own.    We all have our preferred career choice.

But our sister-in-law (I’ll avoid her real name to protect her..and myself….in the event she ever reads this…)  Is not bothered by blood, brains, broken bones, or any other “faint worthy” items that the human body can produce.   ( See!   Weird!) center_disease_control_epidemic_1135875  Except, vomit and human excrement…..Ok,   I can understand that.   One of my BIGGEST arguments against babies is the “Bibs and Diapers” argument.

In addition to blood ( Eww,  Cringe! ) She also is enchanted with viruses and bacterial infections.   You would think that this is the perfect person to work for the Center for Disease Control.   But alas,  she works at a simple clinic somewhere in Grand Rapids.   And although it is her dream to see an actual case of an actual media celebrity virus….she is usually resigned to see all the people who “think” they have the latest disease they heard about on the evening news.  ebolaplushtoyproductpicture_featured

Ok,  With that elaborate back story,    Hopefully you will understand that this person is particularly difficult to shop for for the holidays.  BEHOLD!   The Ebola Virus Plushie!  

calamitiesdolls5 This is great!  Not only is it harmless, but it is also much cuter than the real thing!  ( And much less deadly)   I guess there are an entire group of viruses and bacteria plush toys out there for this kind of person.   My favorite is the E. coli.  510BL7O91JL They look like little jellyfish! ( Awwww…)  And besides,  E.coli gets a bad rap because it actually resides within us all and usually does it’s job without harming anyone.  

microbios_gigantes So there is it!  Next time you want to give the gift that keeps on giving….but has fewer trips to pharmacy.   Give the gift of Giant Microbes!  ( not the little ones mind you!)   I just know you can’t wait to find out what disease each of this guys represent.  

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