Thursday, December 1, 2016

More Stockings...More Driveway..Trouble.

 So we finally are caught up to Most of Monday's orders.   Meaning:  if it was ordered on Monday,  it will go out tomorrow....Most of them anyway.   I guess there are a few orders still holding back, but tomorrow is another day.

Speaking of tomorrows,   We have been kicking out 35-40 stockings each day for the entire week and they continue to come in.   This is without Cheryl answering any conversations with customers.   We have been finishing so late and burned out, that Cheryl has only enough time to glance over for "problems" before clicking out and heading to bed.     For that reason...I have volunteered my creative writing skills to help out in the customer service department.

Cheryl Grudgingly relinquishes control.
I know,  I know.  Cheryl is taking a BIG RISK in allowing me to have any contact with any customer.  But this only demonstrates how desperate she has become to accept my offer.   Besides,  How bad can it get for me to get fired?  😇

Cheryl packs up while I answer questions...Maybe. 
With all those orders and the shortening of the days,  things are getting plenty stressful.   And as with all things Allenbrite....When things begin to get out of hand...time to add even MORE stress to the mix.   Enter:   THE DRIVEWAY.

I know that only an crazy person would attempt pouring concrete in December....  well guess where we are!

Dear Allenbrite:   Prepare for Turmoil!
The "city" of Wellman, who has spent the better part of the stocking season "fixing" things,  ( by first breaking them,  then fixing....only to break them again!) still has to fix the huge mound of dirt they left two weeks ago.   However,  fixing that would not inconvenience Team Allenbrite.   Soooo...  Let's work on that broken Driveway!
Wonder if his part will get fully fixed?

At least there is no snow!

We have been informed that it will take at least 5 days before we can enter our parking lot again.  And to top things off,  The guys pouring the concrete are NOT the same guys who tore it up...SO  they are leaving off the tail end of the driveway.

Another 40 stocking day!  
Looks like some parts are MISSING!

  A full section seems to be missing!   Perhaps ( and this is VERY optimistic)  They will pour another section after this one sets up.   We shall see.  Because carrying 30-40 packages across the neighbor's lawn to our car is SO much fun in the cold.

I'm in charge of Important things!

Well,  Time to hit those conversations and ruin everyone's Christmas.    Or maybe things could actually go well and I might gain additional sales.   Yeah...probably the first scenario.  At least Cheryl will not have to deal with it.   Wish me luck!

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L. D. said...

I am cheering you on to defeat the enemy. We use to have a frame shop and everyone wanted things framed and ready to go for Christmas. We did deliver on Christmas eve on some occasions. Hang tough and somehow you two need to get some rest or another elf part time.


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