Sunday, January 11, 2009

Box attempt #3

So finally Cheryl broke me down and bought a book for me. ( I didn't want to buy a "book" to show me how to make something this simple) I took the books advice and build a small box out of scrap wood with a simple butt joint. I did not realize that the boxes could be that simple. Well, Finally, some success! The wood is 3/4 inch pine scrap. I finally got my router table to cut an edge totally square and smooth, but did it after I assembled my first box. So I had to do a lot more sanding to fix the "mistakes". All in all, This one is a little sloppy, but I think I can make a better one down the road. Until I master the assembly, I'll stick with the butt joint, maybe reinforced with some brads or screws. I still want to carve them after all. The box has no hinge, Instead having a "keeper" that fits tightly inside the box. I cut it just right, then assembled the box upside down ( YEAH!) so I had to retrim it. its still a little "too snug" but at least the top won't be lost or fall out easily. My room is still a disaster, so today will probably be spent cleaning things up and carving a seat.
Current weight : 266.2.

1 comment:

Cheryl said...

This box turned out nice! Good thing I bought you that book! (Insert smiley face here)


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