Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year, New Goals!

Happy new year everyone! And to Bring in the new year I want to announce that our new website is finally up! It's called We plan on making it a hub and integrating all our products so you can find it all. And it will be packed with information about our seats, purses, soaps, carvings, and so much more! We will be building it over the next month. Our goal is to be off eBay completely by Feb 1st.

Another goal is to increase sales. Not sure how we are going to do it, but we have relied on EBay for too long and this last year has just been the last straw. In addition to our sales over all being down from previous years, EBay and our suppliers had consistently been raising their fees and prices while "encouraging" us to offer free shipping and sales! ( If you have been on EBay this year, you will know what "encourage" means) You don't have to be on EBay to figure out that this effects your bottom line and ours has been very thin. So for 2009 we are going to take our business back and do things the way we want. I feel confident that with a little brain storming and a lot of persistence, we can make things happen.

And last, I will join the millions of other Americans in the journey to lose weight. I stepped on the scale today and discovered I had gained a little more than I wanted ( OK a lot!) Cheryl and I have attempted to lose weight before, but always fall off shortly after we start. The one time we lost a LOT of weight and KEPT it off for over a year and a half, was when we joined weight watchers. The only thing they did that was different from Our plan was they offered accountability. (We had incentive not to gain before the next weigh in) So, in the spirit of Weight Watchers, I will post my weigh ins here on my blog. This is an honor system on my part, But I will strive to be honest and vigilant in my records. Today is the first. My starting weight is 276! I would like to get down to 230, possibly less! We do not have a very good full length mirror, so I have not taken a "before" picture yet. Besides, who wants to see a chubby guy in his underwear! ( even I don't, and it's ME!) So let the melting begin!


Handi said...

Ethan: ROFLMAO Chubby Guy in his Underware ROFL... Dude, that one hit the Charts... That was kinda Funny...

276... Not Bad... The only reason i would loose weight if I had any to loose would to help my Self esteeme, but since I don't give a Shit what others think of me, I could care less...

I have so many Scars, So many Flaws Ethan, that I would be the Laughing Stock, But Personaly I don't care, I go into Public with my Shirt off, I have a Chest Scar that goes from my Chest cavity down to my Bladder area, Several Scars across, I have one from Neck to Tail bone.

I have them on my Arms, I have them on my Feet, legs, Butt, Hips, Sides, I have them all over, But yet I strive all day to show off what I call my perfect Body, Someone that works so hard to achieve, and of course, Scars are different, But each one has History.

So I charish each one with respect and proud to show it off no matter how scarry it may make me look, or rediculiose it may make me look either.

I guess, The bottom line is, And I didnt' mean to laugh that hard, wasn't my intention was just kinda funny, that if you are comfortable with yourself, Big - Small, Thin - Over Weight or whatever the case may be, You will be happy with yourself no matter what others may say, and yes it is a bruital world today, but ones self can make it a livable world of happiness by linstening them themselves...


The Great Ethan Allen said...

YEah but scars are cool on guys. fat isn't scars can become some secret mission to russia fat will always be " Look at me ! I eat too much"

raf said...

Well..I really hope it will work out..remember to make a lot of sport, eating 5 times x day food with no fat(chickenwhite fish, salad, fruit)because if the stomach works out constantly, the methabolism burn faster!
And write down your goals on the blog..and if you stop the diet..we will get angry with you!!
Call it "Blog Weight Watchers"'s free and I'm sure it will work!


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