Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Early morning blog

My time schedule is still messed up a bit from the holidays, so I decided to take this opportunity to blog a bit during the day. the cats are not letting me sleep anyway. With this new found daylight, I decided to try to capture another close up of one of the gray squirrels. Sometimes I let the cats out to chase them. What great fun! I also have been exploring the standing crane for my origami. I tried the book, but I like mine better. Mine stands better and, in my opinion, is easier to fold. Cheryl posted my new seats on Etsy last night. Here is the finished picture. The picture in my shop does not have the finish on it yet.

1 comment:

Handi said...

@Ethan: Nice Seat.... And Paper folding.

I put up my Video just a lil bit agon on my Workshop Blog, Applying A Pattern is the Name of the Video, Come check it out when you got time.



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