Friday, January 9, 2009

My love affair with oak.

I'm sure there are wood workers out there that have a specific wood that they use more often than others. For me it is oak. I never thought I cared until my toilet seat supplier changed to birch ( I believe). Oak has a "feel" to it when freshly sanded that sets it apart from pine, birch, even maple. As a carver, I thought that bass wood or maple would be good woods to carve in, but they are "fuzzy". The same goes for pine, birch and poplar. Oak is very common here in the United States. and is probably one of the cheapest "quality" woods out there. Its fairly heavy and strong. It also carves up nice! It was not until I read a book about Oak that I actually learned to appreciate some of the other qualities Oak has to offer. Just a few other things that Oak is responsible for: tannin ( used in leather making/ taxidermy) Ink, Charcoal, Construction lumber, and Acorns. Read more here: Oak: The Frame of Civilization (Paperback)
Anyway, It's unfortunate oak does not get more recognition as a great lumber. As for me, I'll continue to carve it. I might carve some other "exotic" wood someday, but so far, of all the woods I have worked with, oak is my favorite.

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Cheryl said...

I think oak is more traditional than I like for furniture and stuff, but when YOU carve it, its magical!


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