Saturday, January 3, 2009

Friday soapmaking

So Cheryl and I made soap after our normal Friday activities. I think we are getting better at it. We got our fragrances finally in the mail, along with our long awaited boxes. We had almost two weeks worth of stuff to ship out! By the time we got home, we wanted to make a nice easy batch of soap for the new shop. I'm also going to have to start carving up some new designs once again. I have to figure out what is hot and what is trendy all over again.
A fox squirrel came to our window sill today and the cats had a fun time staring at him. He didn't stay long when I opened the window though. But I did manage to get this nice close up shot of him. The red squirrel is just too fast! It inspired me to try an easy origami squirrel. It looks a little too basic for me. But I think it turned out well considdering I am out of foil paper. It seems the basic designs work well with normal paper


1 comment:

Handi said...

Ethan: Make the Squirel one of your Seat Designs, nice Picture...



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