Sunday, January 4, 2009

How much would you pay for a toilet seat?

I'm not sure people know how much toilet seats go for these days. Forget simple white ones. Those can range from as little as $8 to $100! ( don't believe me? check out a Kohler!) Wooden toilet seats are now around $25-40. Depending on what you are after, of coarse. But those are just the plain ones. Lets add a cover with matching rug. $14-$56. Depending on the style and design. Everyone has their own style and design ideas. So what would you rather have in your bathroom?

Just a note: the cover on the left costs more than my entire seat! That's not including shipping.
How how about those nifty resin ones? you know..the clear ones with stuff imbedded in them? You decide.

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Definitely prefer your seats :0)


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