Monday, January 12, 2009

Catch up the blog day.

Lots have happened since my last blog entry. Cheryl and I made some soap and are getting ready to kick off our soap shop. We want to have at least 5 different scents to offer before we list them. Next I purchased a small table saw to help me with my box construction. I also added a couple of pipe clamps to my arsenal. They have helped out gluing up the tops and bottoms of the boxes. And I was able to carve up a new seat as well as one we sold. Staying with the 'cute" theme, I added a squirrel. Cheryl says they are rather popular on Etsy right now. So I'm hoping someone will find this one attractive enough to buy it. I'll show off my table saw another day. Lets just say it was on sale and I needed one that would not break the bank. It works! but the bargain comes from the lack of accessories. It's OK, since I only need it for a couple of tasks at the moment anyway. Right now I'm off to make a sled and possibly a zero clearance insert for the blade.


Cheryl said...

I guess we did a lot this weekend! I love that new squirrel seat. Its going to be hot!

Dan Jackson said...

I want to eat that soap!

Anonymous said...

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