Friday, January 30, 2009

A Broken Sewing Machine?

Finished two seats tonight and finished gluing up the boxes for carving tomorrow. Friday is bookstore day, so I will probably carve later in the evening. I still have not mapped out all of my designs I want to put on the boxes. Tonight I had to fix Cheryl's sewing machine..again. I think it is time for her to get a new one. She has her eye on this "Hello Kitty" one that Target offers. The thread keeps getting caught on a small jagged piece of broken metal. I had to totally take it apart and file it down to keep the thread from getting caught. I'm hoping Joann fabrics will have a replacement part available. Otherwise she will have to deal with the "jerry rigged" version that I offer. At least it works..mostly. Anyway, I have had to fix this machine 4 separate times. I'm not sure this version of sewing machine was made with "full time sewing" in mind. I'd like to think that Cheryl's constant use has caused this. I think it is time for an upgrade.

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Ophelia Miller Boutique said...

Your seats are amazing!!!
As for the machine, I often have to file the needle plate. I just use sandpaper. I'd rather do that then pay $50 for a replacement each time.
Good luck with the machine!!!


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