Tuesday, January 20, 2009

More boxes! YEAH!

The boxes turned out so great that Cheryl wants me to do another batch as soon as possible. So tonight, we went to the store and got some more Oak. This time I was able to make 6 boxes out of the boards while saving some money. And I was able to get them measured, cut and glued up in only a couple of hours. I think I'm getting the hang of it! Now all we need is for a some people to start buying them. Cheryl listed them on Etsy this afternoon and I will probably be in the forums and chat trying to show them off. I settled on a finish that works for me. One coat of rub on poly with a brush shine of minwax. The poly protects the paint and the wax gives it a wonderful feel and luster. Plus, the smell of furniture wax has this nostalgic presents that reminds me of the smell of our old "antique" furniture. I also love the way wax polishes up with a dry cotton cloth or a shoe brush. With the boxes gluing up in my shop area, I had to find a place for my seats to dry where they would not get dusty. Good thing we are not doing laundry tonight!

Current weight: 259.4

1 comment:

glassidentities said...

veru beautiful.. and what I love the most is it sounds like you love doing this.. and have fun at it.. that is wonderful


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