Friday, January 16, 2009

New boxes!

Thursday was spent making boxes. The table saw it a dream and I keep messing with it to "fine tune" it. Tonight I set up a dust bag under the saw to catch the small chips. It won't catch everything, but hopefully enough so I don't have to vacuum up after every use. I was able to make a total of 5 boxes from the materials we bought. One box is a little smaller than the others. My new friend is blue painter table for the glue up. It works surprisingly well, even though I still clamp things up when I can. Tomorrow, I'll carve them up with the three seats I have. Speaking of toilet seats. I was surfing the net for some ideas, when I saw the ultimate bathroom! It is too bad I did not get to carve up the seat. The guy says he feels like Indiana Jones whenever he uses it!. UPDATE! Cheryl reminded me of a seat that would have looked GREAT on that toilet. My old greenman seat! It's a VERY old picture....enjoy. Current weight: 261.4


Cheryl said...

I'm not a fan of that bathroom -- looks like part of the "Secret Garden" or something. But that faux stone finish greenman toilet seat you made years ago belongs there!

The Great Ethan Allen said...

Oh my you are soo right ...I'm off to put that seat on here now..


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