Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year, New shop!

So, as mentioned before, we are starting over on several fronts. Tonight, Cheryl killed the ebay shop! It was going to happen anyway, so why prolong our agony. Now we have the new Allenbritebath shop. In addition to seats, the plan is to put soaps in there as well. So tonight I carved up a very old design, and a new one. Cardinals used to sell very well, but I'm sure it has been over a year since we have sold one. The designs were old and the pictures were crappy at best. I liked this picture Cheryl had for a pillow, So perhaps with a new design, the sales will start once again.
So Red ( the shop cat) got outside and decided to climb his favorite tree. I snapped this picture in the dark. He looks like an owl!


Handi said...


Nice work on the Cardinal. Love the Birds, it's also the State Bird for Indiana.

Glad to hear that you are getting things in order this year... maybe a Slight change and all will bring in the buyers.


Estela said...

Yay for the new shop!! It's looking good!

Thanks for the moving tips! I will definitely need all the tips I can get!

Audrey said...

Love your stuff!! It's amazing!! I found you through the forums on etsy - you posted that you were haveing a give away - can't find it!
But I will put a link to your blog on mine.
Have a great weekend.


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