Sunday, January 4, 2009

Some new seats!

I'm taking some of Cheryl's advice to shake things up a bit and carve up some designs I normally would not do. Namely, simple contemporary designs. Stylized owls, birds, squirrels, etc. So I worked on a couple of new designs last night to see how they might fair on Etsy. I must admit. Cheryl sold the other stylized owl before she was even finished with the new store. I'm hoping to attract the "younger" crowd. She has picked out some "dud" designs before. I hope they won't have to eventually be put on the burn pile. So with the new found time I was able to attempt a couple of origami puzzles. One is the squid and the other is the flying crane. Normal cranes can't fly, but this design can and actually did three times! ( current weight: 268)

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