Saturday, August 29, 2009

Dragon Panel

Since the majority of my day was spent looking for what remaining seats there were left in stores, I didn't feel much like carvings when i got home. So I took pictures and edited some more panels and listed them. Tonight's listing: An oriental dragon in maple! Cheryl thought this one looked good enough without any poly or paint, so i left it as is. It looks almost antique! And, for the person who wants to think of it that way, It could look like an authentic Chinese carving! Never thought I would TRY to make my carvings look like they were made in CHINA! It's a funny world. Ah well, whatever gets me a sale! I have not done any origami lately, but I have been watching some Anime. BIG WINDUP! Great for the baseball fan! ( I'm not one, but i appreciate the game. Enjoy! And if you can watch the episodes on

1 comment:

diy said...

THat something I'd love to try, but my carving skills do n't reach that far, yet.
Good job.


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