Thursday, August 20, 2009

Getting closer to catching up!

Tonight I carved up another 5 seats! We still need more to be back in the black, but we are getting closer. Tonight's main excitement went to Hiro and his catching another shrew! One small difference from his usual antics were that tonight....he decided he would give it a little taste. Kinda grossed out Cheryl! Who asked me to remove the remains outside and then take a full shower to wash off the "germs" Hiro on the other hand, liked the taste, but not the texture. I think he will stick to canned food fro the time being. Fingers crossed for more sales!


Chrisy said... one night! Good grief you're so productive...I feel very slack...hope lots of sales are on the way...

House of Willow said...

beautiful work and great blog

L. D. Burgus said...

I wish you well. You deserve the rewards for such hard work and a great product. Cats sure live in a world of their own. I am watching a lot but don't write much. Keep up the good work.


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