Sunday, August 30, 2009

Weekend seats!

I carved up 4 seats tonight! Cheryl and I have discovered a bitter sweet event going on now at our local home improvement store. They are discontinuing their supply of solid wood seats. This is Good for a couple of reasons, One, they are marked down almost half! Two, They are solid wood seats, though not oak like I would prefer. The bad news is that they will no longer stock them so when they are gone! It's OVER! We already cleaned our closest store completely out. This now puts our plans of wholesale ordering in a whole new priority. They HAVE to work out. Cheryl and I plan on clearing out any and all seats from our home improvement stores that are within driving distance. We just can't beat the sale! As for other news, Cheryl dug out these resin Flies that I tied some time ago. She wants to make key chains out of them. I still have one that she bought me when we were first married! Now I'll have to dig out my fly tying materials and get to work on some more. Hope ever one had a great weekend!

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Jennette said...

Those are beautiful!


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