Friday, August 28, 2009

A pair of Tanagers

I've seen a Scarlet Tanager twice in this part of the country. They are not as common as they are in other parts, but they make a big impression to someone who has never seen them before. This panel is another older carving that is making it's debut online for the first time on Etsy. I have never listed it for sale before, partly because I'm lazy, and another part because Cheryl didn't want to. We'll see if anyone finds reclaimed cupboard doors that have been turned into wall art as something worth having. We have not visited the "reclaimed store" in a while. These people go into old houses and buildings and rip out "worthy" items that could be resold. To the right person, It's a GOLDMINE! They have treasures that only the trained Eye can see. To others it would look like dated junk. For me, the SOLID OAK panels, doors, pews,(that's right! from Churches!) and cupboard doors are the main target. The trick is matching the stain and taking off the hideous fixtures. But it's always a mixed bag and blind luck as to what you are able to score. Oh! And the latest Anime. Elfin Lied. This is not for kids! Or the faint of heart, but it is a beautiful open and a great story of redemption, forgiveness and human spirit! Enjoy! For the latin translation: look on Youtube.

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livingglassart said...

Gorgeous tanangers! They are one of my favorite birds, pretty common here and they actually started me on the road to watching birds. Very nice work!!


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