Thursday, August 13, 2009

The end of a slow week

Have you ever just wanted a week to end? Well, this week has been very slow, sales wise, and there comes a time when it starts to get annoying. Well, enough complaining! I carved up 4 seats tonight. I have several more panels I will work on tomorrow. For the rest of the time, more Origami! Another swan and Pegasus. I really love the way the wet folding turns out. How the sculpture keeps its shape. Each of these are folded slightly different from previous attempts. The changes are subtle and probably remain unnoticed to the untrained eye. Every time I fold one of these, I experiment a little more to see what I can do. I will work on my elephant again. It did not turn out very well for this first attempt. Maybe in tomorrows post!


paintingpam said...

I understand about slow weeks--I've had them all summer as far as sales!! Keep your chin up!

The Great Ethan Allen said...

Thanks Pam! We're doing our best!


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