Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sunday STORMS!

So Sunday was just a normal day when the dark clouds rolled in. We were planning on carving seats same as usual, BUT a small wind whipped up and put us out of business for two days! We were on the road and I didn't even think the rain or wind was that strong. It lasted 5-10 minutes TOPS! In that time. See what it did to our neighborhood:
The power is back on now, but we lost everything in our fridge because we were out of power all night last night and all day today! The power guys did a great job getting the power back ASAP. Folks all the way from Saginaw and Kalamazoo! I guess one person got killed in Grand Haven when a tree fell on his car, killing him but leaving his wife and baby unharmed! Not to be insensitive, but to me, this proves that when your time is up, it's up! ( the Statistical value of being killed by at falling tree while driving down the road while no one else in the same vehicle was unharmed has GOT to be Impossibly low!) To brighten things up! Origami Hummer! Well, it's late now and we had to burn the Midnight oil to finish the seats tonight. I'll post more tomorrow, when I'm not so tired. ( No power = no lights, internet, carving, airconditioning, or contact with customers who may or may not be sending questions about the orders that can't go out! Talk about stress!


diy said...

The power of nature can be fearsome. Glad your and your wife, and cats are safe.

MackTheKnife said...

No power = no carving???? Last I saw of those chisels you're always sharpening they didn't require electricity! :)

On the bright side, look at all that fresh, green wood that's available!


The Great Ethan Allen said...

It's true, and I almost considdered using my chisels on the ones that HAD to go out. Couple of reasons not to. I have limited chisels, power carving is faster for me, my seats look consistent with power carving. Plus my bench is light weight, not good for taping with a mallet. Starting to sound like a whiner, Oh! the green wood, there was a lot of it, close too! but they chopped it all up quick before I could stake a claim. Now it is nothing but firewood...:(

DJ said...

Wow - 10 minutes? That was some storm. Great pics :)


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