Friday, August 28, 2009

A new Hope!

I'm feeling cautiously optimistic today! Besides selling a could of seats and carving up a couple of rather old designs, Cheryl and I have found a new supply of seats that may just solve our seat problem for good or at least for a while. A company that we have checked out before online, sells seats wholesale. When i called them up before, they did not give me a price, and I could not see the quality of the seat so we dropped the idea. However, with the recent development of our stores not carrying the solid wood seat, we have been forced to revisit that path. Tonight we found a store that carried that brand of seat and I was more than impressed with the quality! I say cautiously optimistic, because there is always the chance that things could backfire, ( Murphy's Law!) but, if things work out, we might save ourselves some running around and iron out the problems in time for the Holidays!

1 comment:

Hearttohearts said...

I hope the new supplier works out for you


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