Friday, August 7, 2009

Something New...Sort of.

So tonight I'm branching out in a new direction. Since the toilet seats sales have been down and Cheryl is always suggesting that I think of something a little less "fussy" than toilet seats. I'm going to attempt some simple wall relief carvings. Last crazy idea that I had was boxes, and even though we sold a few, they were a lot of work for very little payoff. I started with an Oak board 3/4 inch. Cut it into 4 pieces, rounded off the edges with the router, and started carving. It's too bad I could not video it for better entertainment value, but trying to carve and take pictures at the same time is tricky! They look a little rough before the finished sanding, but after the stain is on, the look pretty much like a toilet seat carving. I'll paint them and put a back on tomorrow. Oh! And for all those "would be" Power carvers out there, I did a little routine maintenance on my Dremel tonight. Basically I swapped out the brushes. Here is a side my side of the new one with the used one. I have made the mistake of NOT swapping them out soon enough and ruined a brand new Dremel tool. Just one of those little things folks may not know about.

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diy said...

All the best with your new vwnture. Thanks for the tip on brushes.


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