Monday, August 24, 2009

Man! What a weekend!

Not really in a good sense either. Well I'll skip most of the details and just say that our supplier of toilet seats has once again changed things. only this time for good! They are now only stocking the veneered seats and thus, ending our relationship! So this weekend has been a mad dash to find a new supply of seats and see what works! All while trying to keep the price within our range. We may have a solution for the moment, however, this means that toilet seat carvings are now on the "extinction list." I'm racking my brain to figure out another carvings that sells, and Until I find it, I'll just be shooting in the dark. For now, we carved up 4 seats, I'm impressed that we found them! Hope everyone Else's business is not facing any turmoil this week! If things don't change, we may have to rename this blog!


L. D. Burgus said...

We ran a frame shop and our supplied decided that we didn't live on a main street so they just dropped us. It was a quality frame company and we made them lots of money. We did find other sources, and are doing ok. There must be a source for you out there or another product that you can carve on. Bread boards, fire screens, welcome signs, customize family crests, etc. One still can find oak seats in building supply stores, but you would like to buy wholesale. Stay strong.

Wood N Goods said...

So sorry to hear you can't get your seats! I hope you can find something else to carve, or a new supplier.


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