Saturday, August 1, 2009

Celebrating my 71st follower! After one year of blogging!

We are getting close to that first anniversary of my blog. As of August 20, I will have been blogging one full year! And...I now have over 70 followers! I know that might not be as many as some other blogs, but since my blog is not political, religious, or anything in particular, I'm impressed that many people find me interesting enough to follow at all. Thanks to all of you! As for today's post: I carved up only two seats. Rather pitiful, but look back a year ago, I was most likely in the same boat as now. Summer usually is a rather slow time for us. Tomorrow I hope to finish carving, sanding and painting of the tree so it should be out on in the front by Monday. Tuesday at the latest! Thanks again to everyone for following me along. Have a great weekend! Oh! And the newest anime I have been following. Rozen Maiden! Would it not be awesome to have dolls like these!


MackTheKnife said...

Congratulations! I am proud to be one of the 70+.


paintingpam said...

Congratulations!! I will look forward to the day when I have as many as you for the same reasons.

Handi said...

Happy Aniversery.

Long time ole friend, see you've been keeping busy.

Me... not so much... Playing my game... money scarce as always... and projects not flowing as they used to, lack of materials and the likes...

so just messing with my game til thinks look up... Still post my Tips every week or try to...

keep up the good work!



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