Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Unexplainable customer.

Have you ever had something hit you out of the blue that just BLOWS YOUR MIND? I have been wrestling with this event all day trying to figure it out. Let me explain. Today, we were in the RETURN and EXCHANGE lane at Walmart returning a broken item. We had our receipt and everything was in order. I glanced over at all the items that people had returned that were roughly sorted in various carts and noted all the variety. The lady in front of us had niether her reciept nor an ID from the sound of it. ( it took forever) When it was our turn, we stepped up and the customer service rep quickly processed our item and refunded our money. AT THIS POINT>>> I glanced over to see an OPENED FROZEN DINNER that someone had returned. The note on the package...I kid you not "The Chicken is too tough to CHEW" Someone had bought a frozen dinner, took a bite out of the chicken .....AND RETURNED IT FOR A REFUND! My head is still spinning. I don't know where to start with this. The dinner cost probably $3 and this person opened and ate it then returned it to the customer service desk. I even asked if what I was seeing was REAL. THE customer service lady assured me that this person does this rather frequently. AM I CRAZY? Or would a "NORMAL" person , if they bought food they did not like, just throw the rest of the food away and make a note never to buy that food again? I have seen ladies at Hobby Lobby return 25 cents worth of beading material and thought that was nuts as well. But a HALF EATEN MEAL? AM I MISSING SOMETHING? This situation is on such a level that I will NEVER understand. I could go on, but there is no point, I just simply can't understand this person or anyone like them. As for tonight, I carved up 5 seats and we will have to go on another elongated chase tomorrow. I took some daytime pics of the front yard with the cats inspecting the trees. You are welcome to comment, but please do not try to defend this person. There is probably nothing you could say to convince me that this person is not crazy.

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L. D. Burgus said...

Ok, that is too much. I am not surprised but I am surprised. You know what I mean. Self centered interest have reached a new high.


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