Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Panel picture taking.

Cheryl wanted me to show off the panels a little bit more. Yesterday, she hinted that I should take the pictures of the latest carvings and show them off. I find this to be one of those "husband" tasks that never really measure up. Meaning: no matter how I take the picture, they will be wrong. Cheryl usually takes the "professional pictures for sales purposes, while I take the sloppy ones for my blog. Well, here they are! Untouched, unedited, but taken with Cheryl's guidance.
I will now have to trim and brighten them so they will be more presentable. Not to mention that these are the ones that are presentable. There are always those that end up blurry or shadowed. Next post I may have a side by side and see if there is a difference.

1 comment:

livingglassart said...

Wow-these are great!! I'm fascinated with fish of all kinds. I don't know which is my favorite~I love them all. Great job on all of them!


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