Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Elongated or Standard seat

One of the most frequently asked questions I receive is whether The seats are standard round or the elongated. In some cases, even the customer does not know what type he/ she has. So I wanted to write a little entry to try to show some of the differences in measurements and looks. As you can see from the pictures, the elongated are longer when measured from the hinge to the tip of the seat. The length is approximately 18.5 to 19 inches. On round seats the length is 16.5 to 17 inches.
The elongated sets are obviously shaped a little different from the round. A side by side comparison helps shows this.
The Big problem comes when people do not know their size and order the wrong one. Since each seat is custom, ( that is right, we carve them up as you order them) there is a certain amount of time and effort put into each one. More than just pulling it off a shelf and packing it up for shipment. Another problem is that the elongated seats cost more, and are not as readily available as the standard round. It may take as much as an additional week to send the order. For this reason, we do not offer elongated seats anymore in our normal listings. We do, however, reserve the right for special circumstances.


Handi said...


Nice Description on the Seats Ethan. I already knew what the difference was, but As you said some others may not.

oh Speaking of which, i tried repairing the one I had... No go there bro, I Predrilled the Holes, Put the Screw in and the head Twisted off right inside and There wasn't even any Friction..

So I bought a nother one that was Partical Board or something with a Heafty Coat of Paint or something whatever it was.

I do have the Replacement Hinges I bought to, and I saved the Old Seats, I may go get me a 1/2 Sheet of Baltic birch and see what I can do myself, if it will keep the cost down on the Seats and Stable ones, then I'm all for it...


The Great Ethan Allen said...

It's true that the screws twist off sometimes. I have to predrill the holes a little before I can screw them in. Sometimes I get in a hurry and twist them off anyway. They are a bear to drill out. I ususally just drill another hole and put it begide it. A nickle plated screw helps. ( I got some from the hardware "just in case" ) but I mostly use the ones that came with the seat or hinge. Good luck with the particle board one. It will last if you take care of it ( of coarse) But my family history have them breaking more often than solid. I still have nto tried the plywood. Call me lazy, or unmotivated. Now that I found a new stash. the fire has been turned down on that plan.


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