Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hurray for new tires!

Actually, one new tire. You see, Andy( Cheryl's brother, the mechanic) determined that we only needed one new tire and so now we have three spares! But then he changed the oil and Brake shoes while warning us our brake rotors are going to die soon as well. Then again! The car has over 280,000 miles on it! While in Grand Rapids, we were able to buy the three seats we needed and I managed to carve them up, despite the late start. We had a couple of new ones, namely, the Pelican and the Siamese cat. I thought they turned out well. So far I have only one seat to carve tomorrow. With a little luck, that number will increase.


Maverick said...

Those are soooo cool :) Looks like a lot of work though!


Rosebud Collection said...

Your work is just beautiful..I have said this before..but it is.

MackTheKnife said...

I've got a cat that looks just like that toilet lid! Carving. :)

I just recently lost a car with 279k miles on it to a thrown rod. A rebuilt engine was $4k! Nope! Can get a new used car with 100k on the clock for that. I tend to drive cars until the wheels fall off. Or they throw a rod. I figure as long as annual repair costs are less than annual payment costs, I'm ahead by having an old car that "I" own.

diy said...

Mack the knife, being in the same income group I agree pay cash for an old car.. I go for old BMW or Volvo's, The price tag, nothing over £1000 pounds. The most I've paid is £750. The reason of course these are gas guzzlers, with fuel double the cost it is in US. I've low yearly mileage.

Now those toilet seats are getting to be a carving obsession with me mentally. Doubt if I can hold out much longer. The first sale of them I'm grabbing a couple. and I know who to ask to be a mentor.

esque said...

I really love that pelican so much! Well done! With your carving skills I wonder if you ever do any woodcuts for printing?



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