Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Is it Wednesday already!?!

Ah! There is nothing like writing a long, well thought out post and having your computer freeze up on you before you get to publish it! AGGGGH! My wife has informed me that I need to settle down, but I still need to post something tonight, So this one will be shorter. I finished carving two seats tonight, hopefully our supply store will get more in tomorrow so I can finish the other four. I wanted to show off what a finished seat looks like with two coats of finished polyurethane on it. Most of the time, I snap a picture before I put any ploy on the seats. Notice how the high gloss shows off even the smallest of carving detail. Also, I wanted to show off a new bug that I want to try create out of Origami. I came close last night, but I want to see if I can clean up the design a bit before I post a picture. Stay tuned! The Anime of the week! Black Cat! It's Awesome for all those anime fans. Great music, action, and you gotta love the cute little girl.

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