Monday, April 20, 2009

An Inside look at the sanding table, The shop cats' Expose'.

Just finished carving up five seats tonight. It seems funny that there certain seats are "in" this year. Pine cones, Blue heron, and Elephant to name a few! All the pictures are new and unique from all of last week. The Otter seat is new, but there was a time when it was popular as well. So tonight I opened up the sanding table to empty the vacuum shavings and remembered that I had not yet posted a picture of the inside! The addition of the fan inside the collection box is amazing! It creates just enough downdraft to suck the lion's share of the floating dust down into the collector. While hooking it up, I mounted the on/off speed dial on the outside so I can control the fan without unplugging it. I still have to work on the front bins, but with a couple seats already for tomorrow, I probably will be carving instead. And, just to bump up the "cute" factor, Cheryl snapped this picture of the cats eating. Usually the "kitten" drives the other two away from the food while they play "musical food dish." But somehow they managed to stay put long enough for this picture to be taken. Have a great week everyone!

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audreyscountrycrafts said...

I love the butterfly box in your etsy mini!! The cats are really cute too.


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