Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Monday Madness!

After taking pretty much the entire weekend to work on my shop furniture, I had to carve up 10 seats tonight. Well, at least 8. Cheryl was stressing because she did not get her delivery confirmation for the boxes yet and she ordered them last Thursday! I have to call the place later in the morning to see where our order is. As is is now, we had to scavenge several boxes from the Meyers so we could ship out the seats we carved tonight. Ah! the fun of owning your own job! Anyway, I got this far on my dust table until I , once again, ran out of wood. I had to stop and assemble things as they were because I knew I had to have it ready so I could carve tonight. I still need enough to make three pull out bins that will tip out. ( Thanks Handi!) I had been toying with the idea because the dust bin is sloped at a strange angle. Handi noticed it as well and made the same suggestion. Nice to have your original plans confirmed. Well, It's late, and I still have several seats to carve up tomorrow!

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