Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday catch up!

Well, yes I was a sloth yesterday. I did carve up the five seats I had, but I finished them up tonight. I don't feel too guilty because we planned this year to cut down on our trips the UPS store and Post Office. Also, Our supply store is 15 miles away ( 30 miles round trip IF they have the seats!) To save on gas and time we have a three day shipping rule. It just happened that some of the seat are taking slightly longer to get out. No biggy really! As of right now, I have 5 seats for tomorrow!( YEAH!) The seats for tonight were rather difficult to paint, so I'm thankful for the two day manufacturing. And, some origami Beetles. ( I was just experimenting.) I have a number of ones I want to make. we'll see if I can crack the code!

1 comment:

diy said...

I admire the seats you carve. However the one withe fish jumping and the stones behind it is exceptional.

It comes right out and hits you in the eye. Is this because of the colours. Whatever 10 out of ten for that one.


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