Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend Wrap up!

Finally finished carving up 8 seats tonight. The store that supplies our seats is out at the moment, so two seats had to be pushed back until Monday. Other than carving though, we had a pretty fun weekend. We went to the World Store and got some silverware that we desperately needed ( our old plastic forks and spoons were falling apart!) And it has been raining here for two days straight. Friday was wonderful, but Saturday and Sunday have been raining cats and dogs. Speaking of cats, Red, the shop cat, got caught outside in the squall! He came back totally soaked! Also today, Cheryl took a picture of the Piliated woodpecker nests around this area. It's rare that he comes down close, but once he came so close to me and the cat I could have reached out and touched him. The picture is not bad for our little camera. This picture captures all of my birdhouses in the back yard.

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