Thursday, April 2, 2009

Self starters...Unite!

To those of you who are the "self motivated " types. Hats off to you! I had 8 seats to carve tonight and It took All of my motivation and maybe some from Cheryl for me to carve up 4 of them. Today was one of those "tired" days where you just feel drained, sleepy, exhausted. Probably because I had to babysit the seats that went out last night till 9 AM to put the second coat on. Anyway, I feel better now and the last 4 seats cane get carved up tomorrow and will not have any ill effect since boxes probably will not arrive anyway. Hope everyone else is having a better day/ night. Cheryl finished the taxes and you probably won't believe just how little we make after all the deductions. AND just how MUCH Uncle Sam takes! Lets just say 2008 was a dud year. there might be a number of reasons for the drop, But hopefully we have hammered out the bugs. Don't get me started on Taxes. I'll write an encyclopedia! Oh! Here's a video that helped me when I made my own plane. I didn't have the kit, I made everything just from scraps lying around. There were some PDF files as well, but the video was great for the visuals!

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Audrey said...

You are right - 2008 was a bust - but I too am really hoping that things turn around in '09!! Something has to change.


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